Equipment Supported

Whether your customers are in-store or on-the-go, we understand your store’s payment processing system is integral to your daily operations. That's why eGiftSolutions integrates with most major point of sale processing equipment and guarantees operational stability and accuracy from day one. For up-to-date POS and terminal information, contact your Electronic Payments sales representative.

  • 3730 Dial (No LE Support)
  • Vx520 Dial and IP (Retail & Restaurant)
  • Vx510 Dial and IP (Retail & Restaurant)
  • 3740 Dial and IP*
  • Vx570 Dial and IP
  • 3750 Dial and IP*
  • Nurit 2085 Dial*
  • Nurit 8020 Wireless
  • Nurit 3020 Dial
  • Nurit 8000/8010 Wireless
  • Nurit 8400 Dial and IP
  • Nurit 8320 Dial and IP

Wireless Terminals

  • Nurit 8000 (WiFi and GPRS)
  • Nurit 8020 (GPRS Only)

PCCharge (Dial and IP)

*Indicates gift card only support.

  • S80

  • T4100 Dial and IP
  • T4220
  • T4205 Dial
  • T4210 Dial

Virtual Terminal

  • Online Gateway Virtual Terminal

Other Supported Platforms

We support most major point of sale processing equipment. For up-to-date terminal information, please speak with your sales representative.